Guidelines for civil discourse

The moderators of Altmuslimah are committed to creating a respectful atmosphere where even strong opinions can be shared in a civil, productive manner. This is only possible if members of this site commit themselves to the rules and regulations of the site and abide by them during their stay here. If you feel that you cannot abide by the rules of Altmuslimah, this is probably not the site for you.

We have no intention of censoring anyone’s ideas, but you may have your comments or membership removed if:

  1. You are making obscene remarks or personal attacks on people
  2. Your posts are obnoxious, irrelevant to the discussion, or needlessly inflammatory
  3. The moderator is having a bad day

Deliberate disruption — such as consistent off-topic commentary — will not be tolerated. Do not post messages that contain personal attacks against other Altmuslimah members.

We reserve the right to remove people from this site for any reason.

Writing and Layout Suggestions:

  2. Try to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation
  3. Surround quotes with HTML italics tags ()

Message Content Suggestions:

  1. Always be constructive in your critique of the opinions of others
  2. Create and maintain descriptive subject lines
  3. Quote original text sparingly in your replies
  4. Send personal messages via the private messaging function rather than posting them for everyone to see
  5. Keep the inside jokes and comments to specific people to a minimum

By following these simple rules, Altmuslimah can continue to be a vibrant online community and a valuable resource for all. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

– Altmuslimah moderators